What makes a Carpet Cleaning company “Green”?

With every business under our sun declaring themselves Green these days you have to wonder whats it really all about?

For some its merely the fact that they have a paperless office and they recycle their coke bottles, for others it means that they ride their bikes to work and they smoke organic cigarettes..

For Connoisseur being Green is a way of life. My wife and I have been vegetarian for over 25 years and our kids have been their whole lives. If your wondering what eating broccoli has to do with being “Green” please check out this link.


Beyond that, we also recycle our all our detergent bottles, our boxes, cans, packing peanuts, cardboard, glass and everything else that comes into our home and business. We compost most everything that is not eaten out of our fridge as well as being very careful about where our cleaning waste water ends up at the end of a day.

Our daily cleaning routes are put together with the least amount of driving possible and we run as much Bio Diesel through our van as we possibly can.

We offer all sorts of child, pet AND adult safe cleaning products for your carpet, hard floors and upholstery. Most could be gargled with if needed. Our hot water extraction cleaning  process includes a fresh, thorough soft water only rinse to remove not only the soil but the cleaning agents as well. Your Carpets are left with soft, fluffy, residue free fibers for your family’s bare feet and paws to enjoy.

So if you want to please Mother Earth, get your carpets cleaned and need a recommendation for a great local Vegan restaurant, you now know who to call.