Two great choices in upright Vacuum cleaners.

Around our home we love the Sebo X4 upright. It’s a beautifully German engineered piece of equipment.

Built to last forever, extremely well filtered (S class), very easy to use and goes from hard floor to carpet with no manual adjustments. An active on board computer assure that the brush roll is always at the right height for what ever flooring is being cleaned. A real nice feature is that it lays completely flat for getting underneath beds and furniture. A joy to use.

Watch the video!

Sebo X4


Our vacuum of choice at work (these days, check back later) is the Shark Navigator.

We need to be able to see the amount of dry soil we are removing from our customer’s carpets so we can better gauge just how thorough a cleaning will be needed. A clear cup style vacuum tells us volumes about the life a carpeted floor lives. If we fill up the dirt cup 3 times in (which is quite often) one room we know we’ll have to spend extra time and measures making sure we clean as deep and effective as possible. If we remove just a few strands of loose fiber and one pop corn kernel we’ll know not to “over clean” that area. Seeing what we remove also helps us recommenced  better vacuuming techniques or possibly  just a better vacuum to the home owner.

We love the Shark Navigator for it’s ease of use, only 15 pounds!, it’s build quality and it’s amazing performance.

We’ve tested all the available Dirt Cup (bag-less) vacuums and and not even the mighty Dyson can match all the Navigator has to offer. While it looks tiny on the shelf compared to all the other vacuums you’ll see in the store we find that it out cleans the vacuums weighing twice as much. Thanks to a very efficient and unique air flow design it never looses suction as the cup fills up and filter maintenance is a breeze. Standard accessories include an extra set of filters,  a great upholstery and stair tool, an extra long crevice tool and more.

We have been torturing ours at work for a couple months now and it hasn’t missed a beat. With metal in all the high stress areas rather than plastic, a very easy to clean and empty (although a bit too small) Dirt Cup and it’s ease of use around furniture, the Shark is a real deal.

Currently $159.00 at Costco!

Watch the video

the Shark!

(edit) At four months will manage to kill the brush roll motor on this NON Commercial vacuum. Keep in mind that we used it about 230 times before it gave out.

If you vacuum your home once a week, that’s 4 plus year of service. That vacuum has a two year warranty and both Bed Bath and Beyond and Costco will take it back if it fails prematurely. We brought ours back to BBB and they swapped it for a new one no questions asked.