Travertine cleaning and sealing

Most Santa Cruz home owners will tell you that living on a Travertine floor is much like living on white carpet.

This soft porous stone absorbs every days soils both dry and wet much like a Berber/loop does, everything sticks to the surface and stares at you right in the eye.

and mopping just makes it worse..

These two Golden-Doodles mucked up this floor after we steam cleaned it in  just a few short months.

A stone cleaners best friends..


Luckily, the home owner had us Dry Treat the floor so now we can come back and quickly and efficiently steam clean it for the same price as regular carpet cleaning.

Due to Dry Treat’s durability, our process will not remove it so the cost of resealing is avoided for many years.


here is the floor after cleaning..


This says it all...


Click here to see floor being cleaned..


These photos are from another floor we cleaned recently. Notice all the soil embedded in the pits and pores and how well our steam cleaning process removed it all..