The ol’ String Mop and Bucket, a Tile Cleaners best friend..

If a Labrador Retriever is a Carpet Cleaners best friend (nothing soils up a carpet faster than the oily coat of a Water Dog) then the old fashion method of cleaning tile, stone and concrete floors with a cotton string mop and a bucket of suds is truly a god send for professional hard surface cleaners like Santa Cruz’s Connoisseur.

Using far too strong of a cleaning solution or not strong enough, thinking that because there are bubbles in the bucket there is still some cleaning action to be had, dunking too often or not often enough…

It’s just too easy to make your floors look worse BY CLEANING THEM!  The most common  is the cleaning solution gets contaminated after the first dunk of the cotton or sponge mop and from there on the whole cleaning process is the equivalent of painting with mud.

Utilizing a system that does not reuse the cleaning solution is key, as is using a Neutral pH no rinse formula along with a Micro Fiber flat mop.




























To learn more about the latest and most EFFECTIVE way to maintain tile, wood, stone or concrete CLICK HERE

and for a professional DEEP cleaning to remove “mop water mud” call Connoisseur, Yelp’s favorite stone cleaning specialist!