Suffering from dust, dander, dust mites and other allergens?

Connoisseur has a service that is sure to help you get relief from headaches, swollen eyes, poor sleep and other symptoms related to what is hiding under and in your bed..
We start with a very thorough vacuuming of your carpet or flooring, baseboards and headboard to remove your or your pet’s dried, sloughed skin, hair, dust, sand and grit and all the other horrible things hiding under your bed. Your carpet, rug or hard surface floor is then deep cleaned using our very powerful professional grade equipment.

Next, we power vacuum and perform and deep Hot Water Extraction on your mattress to remove dust mites and their feces, sweat and other body fluids, dander and more.
Mattresses contain up 60% of the dust mites found in the home. Given that we spend up to one -third of our lives in the bed room and are exposed to this highly potent allergen for long periods of time, the bedroom is the number one treatment priority.
The results of this service will be noticeable after your first night’s sleep.

*Your assistance may be needed moving large mattresses and bed frames. You’ll need to sleep in another bed for one night while your mattress dries. Call Mike @ 775 552 5429 for more details!