Stove Revival in Santa Cruz

We had two fun jobs this week that I thought I’d post some pictures of..

This is a real nice floor made from Quartzite, a form of Sandstone, that the homeowners are having a real “hard” time keeping clean. Any form of traditional mopping only makes it works. A Hoover Floormate would be their best answer to maintenance cleaning.

With our heavy duty steam cleaning process we were able to make a huge difference and really get the stone as clean as can be..


This next job was a Limestone floor where unfortunately, the homeowner tried to remove some water deposits build up with an Acidic cleaning solution. Acidic liquids should be kept far away from any calcium based stone (Limestone, Marble, Travertine) as it naturally dissolves the stone and leaves a flat, dull appearance.

with a 4 step polishing/sealing process we were able to remove the damaged areas and restore the level of shine to match the area under the sink cabinet.