Some must have products for maintaining Showerstalls..

We restore a lot of stone and tile shower stalls here in Santa Cruz. Most are in pretty rough shape from years of neglect. Too many homeowners just don’t know which solutions are safe to use and so many products fail to deliver results or worse, damage the stone or grout surfaces.  Soap scum, mold, hard water deposits, efflorescence and soil become no match for your average home owner if left to grow out of control.


Call Connoisseur to get back in control of your bath room and then stock up your cleaning arsenal with these great products.


The vanishing power of Soap Scum Magic annihilates bacteria-infested residue. The wonder of this product is that it strips away all harmful microorganisms and chemicals but protects your travertine/marble/limestone floor and countertops from other hazardous cleaning supplies. Soap Scum Magic will wipe away your excess lime deposits and rust, while the commonly known product, Lime Away, will permanently damage natural stone, thus requiring the service of a professional restoration company.

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Rejuvenates your shower glass to a transparent window (just like when you first moved in) by removing frustrating mold and tarnishing minerals. Glass & Metal Magic polishes the fixtures to an illuminating mirror affect without harming any surrounding polished travertine/marble/limestone in the shower, on the floor or the counter top. Without the use of Glass & Metal Magic, only a professional restoration company would be able to revamp your old shower door and fixtures to look brand new again. Also available in gallon size for the window cleaning professionals.

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For your daily hard surface cleaning needs we highly recommend Lemon Clean from Coast Paper Supply here in Santa Cruz. A super no rinse, neutral pH cleaner for wood, tile, stone, counters showers and baths that works well in a spray bottle, a mop bucket or through a Hoover Floormate machine

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We also remove and replace old damaged caulking, grout and silicone on floor/wall joints and tub enclosures

Life is just too short to have to look at this every morning..


let hubby mow the lawn and trim the trees ...
and leave the grout work to the Pros...