Reoccurring spots, a fact of life..


  Fact: A modern synthetic carpet is about as absorbent as a screen door.

When a cup of coffee is spilled, a dog’s bladder is emptied or god forbid, an entire Big Gulp is spilled on a carpet 75% or more of the spill goes directly to through the carpet and into the (far more absorbent) pad beneath.

When we clean the carpet in normal fashion we can only extract what is in the face fibers/yarns and to some extent the backing. Without extraordinary measures being taken, we are not able to extract what is in the padding below.

In most cases our usual method gets the job done and you never see those big spills again. But on the rare occasion that you do, here is a great way to deal with the problem..

Some spills can reoccur as the carpet dries and some will show up weeks or even months later, If it’s the next day variety let the area completely dry before proceeding.

You will need:

  • A fresh bottle of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide (brown bottle from drug or grocery store)
  • A trigger sprayer
  • A white cotton towel
  • Patience.




Mist, not drench, the area of concern and gently blot (not rub) until you see the spot lightens. Groom the fibers so that they are standing up straight as possible and give the area one more misting spray and let dry. In most cases this is all you need to do. As the peroxide dries it continues to dissolve the organic matter that has wicked up from below.

If the spot is still visible the next day, repeat the procedure. It may take a few tries to get it all up depending on the severity of the spill, type and age of carpet and what was spilled in the first place.

No success? Give us a call and we’ll be happy to return to flush the area again with our extractors.




Peroxide can bleach wool carpet so proceed at your own risk.

Peroxide that has been in your bathroom cabinet for more then a few months has lost it’s oxygen and will most likely not be effective.

Using a Shop/wet dry Vac to clean up spills rather than blotting with towels greatly reduces the chance of the spill reoccurring.

Consult our Spot Cleaning Guide for the best way to deal with most any spill.

Don’t fret, a reoccurring spot is not a permanent stain and eventually will go away!