No Rug too big!

If your wool or synthetic area rug is too large to bring in for cleaning then let us clean it at your home or business location anywhere in Santa Cruz, Santa Clara. San Mateo or Monterrey counties

Here is a 40+ year old wool rug that sits on the 5th floor of the UCSF Medical Library in downtown San Francisco.

This was our 4th visit out to clean this rug and this time we spent an extra 2 days applying a new latex/mesh backing on it.

About 10 years ago they made the mistake of sending it out to be cleaned and the backing was heavily damaged in the move. Notice the thick wrinkles in the 3rd picture.

By applying a new backing after stretching out the wrinkles, followed by a thorough extraction cleaning we’ve added many more year of life to this old fellow.

Enjoy the pictures.

Forty feet by twenty feet
Drink spills galore!
These wrinkles are big enough to trip over.
28 gallons of latex to complete
Applying fresh latex to the backing to fix the wrinkles.
Where the wrinkles use to be!
After 3 days of hard work its all done and looking great
After 3 days of hard work it's all done and looking great