Nick nick nick na nick na nick nick, Nickelodian!

The “Nick” theater here in Santa Cruz called us recently about their stained grout situation in their lobby.

Just six months old and already permanently stained. That is what happens when the grout (very porous!) does not get sealed after instillation. Staining from drink spills, mud and dirty mop water and the like will darken your grout at home as well as a heavily trafficked commercial setting like The Nick in no time at all.

Here is a grout line after we steam cleaned it two times, once with a strong alkaline de-greaser and again with an acid cleaner to etch the surface of the grout in hopes to expose clean grout underneath. As you can see the results were poor due to very deep saturation of the various soils.

Stained Grout


And here is the same grout line after we applied our “Grout Perfect” Color Seal in the same Antique White color. Our Color Seal product is a dye made of concrete and and acrylic that bonds to the grout line in seconds but should last a life time if properly cared for. Not only does the product hide old stains but makes future clean ups a breeze. Soils will not be able to penetrate the Acrylic surface no matter how long they sit on the surface.

Color Sealed Grout

This is a photo of the lobby before we started, notice how the dark, soiled grout lines really stand out. From a distance it does not look so bad but in person and up close it really bothered the owners and management team.

and us!


Now look at the effect the Perfect Grout has on the room..

Just like new!



Definitely not one of our dirtier jobs (or even close to it) but excellent results and very happy customers.

They will be thrilled with how easy it will be to maintain the floors/grout now.