Custom Grout Repair is Our Specialty

With our unique Epoxy Fortified Grout system we can custom color match virtually any floor, counter or tub/shower install and provide a near perfect fix for cracks, holes or missing grout.

The Ultimate Wet Area Repair!

  • ​Fixes Shower Floors and Tub Showers
  • Replaces Caulk, Silicone and Sealants
  • Fights Mildew and Mold Damage
  • Use Any Color Grout
  • Never Needs Sealing
  • Super Strong
  • Repairs All Corner Joints
  • Where Counter Meets Wall
  • Can Be Used To Replace Caulk
  • Never Needs Sealing
  • Sinks Too!
  • Service available in both locations, Santa Cruz and Gardnerville/Minden20171108_145828-COLLAGE (1) - Copy 20171108_134806-COLLAGE - Copy