Low water usage carpet cleaning methods

We here at Connoisseur Cleaning are a rare breed in the fact that we offer all popular methods of carpet cleaning.

-Hot Water Extraction/”Steam Cleaning”
– Rotary Shampoo
-Rotary Extraction
-Bonnet Cleaning
– Dual Cylindrical Low Moisture
-Absorbent Compound
and in many cases, a combination of two or more to get the best results.


With the summer of 2014 quickly upon us, we are very aware of every home owner’s concern about high water usage.

If your preference has been our legendary Hot Water extraction process you should be pleased to know that the average 3 bed room, living room, dinning room and hallway

only takes about 35 gallons of water to effectively clean.


So for less that the cost of filling your bath tub you can still have your carpet cleaned and keep your conscience clean as well!