Let us make your grout better than new!

Connoisseur uses a 4-step process to revitalize your floor surfaces. This process not only restores your floors to their original beauty, but with its fungicides, bactericides and mildicides built into the Grout Perfect Color Seal formulation it insures sanitation for many years.

1.A non-toxic neutral cleaning solution is applied to the grout lines and worked into the pores to loosen embedded dirt and oils.
2.The solution and soil is then washed off with our tidy high pressure, contained rinsing system.
3. After forced drying, Grout Perfect® Color Seal is applied to grout by hand with apatented brush to insure an even application.
4.The final step is to clean or buff the entire surface to remove any cleaner or Color Sealer residue from the tile. Your floor will be ready for use in just a few hours.

Soiled Commercial Bath Room Before..
Soiled Commercial Bath Room Before and After..
And another...
And another...
Residential Bathroom Before..
Residential Bathroom Before..
And After...

Color Sealing will fix mix matched grout colors, fading, deep staining or if you’re just tired of that 1970’s Avocado Green and would like a nice Summer Wheat instead.