How to get your home ready for our upcoming visit

1. Please arrange for a parking spot as close to your front door or cleaning project as possible.

2. We will need to hook up to a water source, either a garden faucet or a utility sink with a threaded faucet within 150″ feet of our truck. We do have adapters to work with bathroom or kitchen sinks if need be.


3. Remove all breakable items from the cleaning area and store in a safe area (lamps, collectibles, etc.)


4. Other than large furniture, please remove all items from the floor

(waste baskets, potted plants, brief cases, toys, etc.). If you are physically unable to move things yourself and cannot arrange for help, we will be more than happy to assist. Please pin up or tuck in bed spreads and dust ruffles. Drapes can either be hung up on the end of the rod, gently draped over each other or the ends placed in a plastic garbage bag. Extremely large or heavy items will remain in place (i.e. entertainment units, china cabinets, pianos). We will clean up to the outside edges.

Medium-sized furniture (i.e. tables, coffee tables, end tables, wing chairs, recliners, sofas) can be moved, the area cleaned, and returned to their location. We will place protective padding under furnishings with wood or metal feet to protect the carpet and the furniture. Some furniture is best left off the carpet until completely dried. We will discuss options during your appointment

Beds- If you want the carpet under your bed cleaned, you can either move the bed out of the room completely or remove the linens and lean the mattresses up against the wall while resting horizontally on the frame rails. We can than step inside the frame and clean  as much of the area as possible. Due to the many steps in our process and the inherent weakness in bed frames, we can not move the complete bed side to side to perform the cleaning. We can normally reach a foot or two under most beds from the three available sides with out any work on your part..

5. Have a safe place for your pets to stay,

Your  front door or other access point will need to be left open during the cleaning process and we would hate it if Skippy or Shadow escaped.


6. Tell us your every concern.

Please point out spots and spills and tell us what they are.

7.We will pre vacuum your carpet prior to cleaning but if you would like to knock dust and cob webs off base boards, ceiling fans and from the back of furniture we recommend doing so prior to our arrival.


8. If we are cleaning your upholstered furniture:

Please have the pieces easily accessible from all sides and away from any breakable objects or delicate floorings. We can clean your sofas or chairs over the carpet/rugs being cleaned that day or if possible we can clean them outside or in your garage. The pieces set can be on tarps as a last resort. Loose cushions will be “A” framed on provided plastic sheeting, preferably outside for quick drying. In most cases furniture should not be reassembled the same day, rather when completely dry the following day.

and finally;

9. If you have requested a Teflon Protector to be applied to your carpet or furniture after cleaning (recommended!) please plan on treading as lightly as possible for the next 12 hours as the sealant needs time to cure.


Thank you for choosing Connoisseur!

Did you know that we also clean Tile, Stone and Grout? Take a look at our website and blog for more information. If you would like to add on additional work please let us know ahead of time so we can come out for a free in home estimate and add time to complete the additional work.