Hey Mike, what do you recommend we clean our wood and tile floors with?


Here is out time proven recommendation on how to best maintain your tile, stone, vinyl and wood floors

Using this system you’ll never smear dirty mop water around or leave a soil attracting film behind.

 First you’ll need to pick up a gallon of a Neutral pH No Rinse Floor Cleaner such as Lemon Clean. It’s a very low cost, neutral pH and rinse free product. Used properly it will leave no residue, it will not deplete penetrative sealers used on stone and grout and for $9.98 you’ll get 144 ready to use gallons of solution!! (that’s 600 quarts of Bona Clean without the fancy label)

Lemon Clean or a similar product is available  at Coast Paper Supply in Santa Cruz,  Mid Valley Supply in Watsonville or at Tahoe Supply in Carson City, Incline or Sparks. Most janitorial supply shops will have their own house brand version of this product, just ask for a “Neutral pH, hard floor, rinse free” solution. Great for Granite counter tops too as it wont deplete the sealer.


Next,  while you’re out, stop by Home Depot and pick up a Rubbermaid Flat Micro Fiber mop and some spare mop heads. You’ll need a bucket or utility sink to dip your clean mop heads into to disperse the Lemon Clean. Start at the far end of the room and work your way out, Check the mop head often and when it starts to show soil, toss it into your washing machine and replace with a clean head. You should be able to clean 50 to 200 feet before needing to swap out depending on soil level.

You’ll be very pleased with how quick and easy it is to clean all your hard surfaces , and you’ll be amazed at how much longer your floors stay cleaned compared to any other method.

You can also buy the mop and heads online,  look here for more information




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