Hard Water staining on your shower doors?

We can help.

At some point hard water deposits and soap scum will etch and cause permanent damage to your Shower Stall glass (and tile and fixtures) but if you’re in the Santa Cruz area we’d be glad to come by and run a free test to see if we can restore your glass.

A special polishing cream and our patented Connoisseur Elbow Grease can often times get your glass like new again.

We may need to sub contract with a Shower Door specialist to have the door removed so we can get to 100% of your problem but the cost will still be 50% of what a new quality door/wall would cost you to replace.

Here is a door we did recently..



and after..

Now our installer will return to put it all back together with fresh seals and polished hardware.

In this particular case we had already cleaned and sealed the stone walls and floor. They came out so well the home owner became painfully aware of just how bad the glass looked and begged us to do something about it.

We aim to please here @ Connoisseur.