Fuzzy homes in Santa Cruz are getting “Harder” to find…

I don’t know about you all but as a professional floor cleaner I can tell you that Carpet as a flooring choice is not as popular as it was five years ago.

Today, most of the homes I go into to service only have carpet in the family/TV room and the bed rooms. The rest of the home’s heavy use areas are getting covered in woods, stone and ceramic/porcelain tiles. Makes perfect sense really. Most hard surfaces are easier to keep clean for the home owner, less prone to show wear compared to carpet and considering to the rising cost of the “fuzzy” stuff, a great investment for your home.

We saw this trend coming years ago and have invested a lot of time, money and education into learning how to properly clean, restore and maintain Stone and Tiled flooring. We are getting lots of phone calls from confused and frustrated home owners who are having issues keeping their stone and grout looking like new. In many cases, if the floor in under a year old, we can walk the home owner through a very effective cleaning process over the phone. If it’s been a couple years and just no amount of scrubbing and bleaching is doing it then it’s time to call in the big guns at Connoisseur. You will be amazed at what

Steam Cleaning can do to bring that soiled Travertine, Limestone, Marble or snow white Grout. You have to see it in action to believe it.

Travertine being Steamed!
Travertine getting Steamed!

In most cases we like to come out and do a test and demonstration on hard floors, whether it be Marble, Saltillo or Concrete.

Please call Paula to set up a free estimate and inspection.