Facts about water damaged carpet

When damaged carpets lay submerged in water over any length of time woven fibers detach from polyurethane backing leaving no other alternative except replacement. But not all water damaged carpet is so severe. Many instances only small amounts of clean water spill so cleaning, drying and sanitizing are the only requirements for carpet restoration. Knowing a few basic cleaning principles will help any homeowner make confident choices when confronted with wet carpet issues.

The first thing to decide is what type of water has come in contact with carpeting. There are three types of water classifications.

* Category 1 clean water caused from a pipe break, appliance leak or sink overflow and has the least impact of damage to flooded carpets.
* Category 2 water can be caused by a toilet overflow with urine present, hot water heater leak, or any other spill where water carries minor contaminants.
* Category 3 is water containing raw sewage or feces from a drain back up or water that has originated from outside touching the ground first before entering a house and soiling carpets.

Knowing these category types are helpful for determining the initial steps to take after soaked carpet is discovered and who to contact for immediate water damage clean up.

Carpets damaged by Category 1 and 2 water types can be cleaned and restored without replacement if no signs of delamination are present. Removing all standing water with portable or truck mounted extraction equipment while placing dehumidifiers and high-speed air movers in wet carpeted areas quickens the drying process and eliminates the growth of mold and mildew. Your local water damage restoration company can furnish the equipment and experience from start to finish.

Category 3 water carries with it bacteria and pathogens that pose real threats to the health and safety of occupants. Carpets affected by this type of water damage must be removed and disposed of by a trained professional along with the application of an antimicrobial agent to all sub-floor surfaces. No short cuts should be taken and strict adherence to industry guidelines should be followed.

Connoisseur provides help for Cat 1 and 2 damages to our existing customers. For Cat 3 issues we can provide a referral upon request.