Enviromentally Safe and Green as can be Carpet Cleaning

Paula and I have been die hard vegetarians since our early teens and have  lived the “green” lifestyle way before it ever became fashionable.

We choose to run our business the same way we live. As toxin free as possible and choose our products based on the least offensive odors and with no potentially irritating residues. We’re heavily into recycling and composting and we’d always encourage you to keep your old carpet and furniture clean and healthy instead of taking it to the landfill because of a few stubborn spots..

In our cleaning truck we use as much bio fuel as possible and of course run our  routes with as little wasteful driving as we can. Our truck’s shelves are loaded with what we like to call “edible cleaning agents”..

Our cleaning services do not irritate asthma and allergy sufferers. In fact, we have had many customers tell us that their symptoms were actually alleviated after we cleaned their carpets and upholstery!
Dust mites and allergens in your home will be reduced, which means a better night’s sleep for you and your family.
You will have peace of mind knowing that your children and pets are safe while playing on your carpets.
Your can enjoy having a fresh and clean home.

Here are some links to a few of our favorite “green” products.




And of course, our favorite eco friendly cleaning supply store right here in Santa Cruz..