Do you want “Perfect” grout?

I just can’t get over how well our Color Sealing process works.

This first picture is after a two step cleaning process using both alkaline and acidic cleaning agents. Sometimes light colored grout shows stains and other than removing the grout and replacing with new, color sealing is the only logical, effective and long lasting choice.

And this shot shows the same grout line with our “Color Seal” process applied.

And the nice things is, Color Sealed grout will not stain or absorb water or any other fluids. Under normal residential settings the seal should last ten years or more.

Seeing how it is acrylic based, you are now cleaning a plastic surface instead of concrete/grout so you can imagine just how easy and effective your future Saturday morning cleanings will be for you.

Here are some photos of a counter where the home owner attempted to use premixed grout to hide the coffee and oil stains. New grout will not stick to old grout with out the proper preparation as these photos clearly show.

We removed all the mess, steam cleaned it and then applied a Color Seal to make their conters look just about “Perfect”..

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