How to get your home ready for our upcoming visit

1. Please arrange for a parking spot as close to your front door or cleaning project as possible. 2. We will need to hook up to a water source, either a garden faucet or a utility sink with a threaded faucet within 150″ feet of our truck. We do have adapters to work with bathroom or […]

A collection of reviews for Connoisseur in Gardnerville Nevada

Tomi Hochgurtel- I asked Mike to clean my carpets and floors while I was on vacation. He got me on the schedule with short notice the week before thanksgiving (A busy time of year) he did a great job and we loved coming home to clean floors! I refer connoisseur to all my clients when […]

A serious problem when cleaning modern porcelain tile

It has come to Connoisseur Carpet, Tile & Upholstery Cleaning’s attention that there is an industry-wide problem with modern  porcelain tiles manufactured from 2018 to present. Experts in the floor cleaning industry have identified that most porcelain tiles, especially the variety that mimic the appearance of stone or wood, are HIGHLY likely to be damaged […]

How to care for your shower stall & tub enclosure.

At Connoisseur we have been cleaning and restoring shower walls, floors, glass and fixtures for two decades. Over the years we’ve learned what works and what can make a real mess out of your investment   Here are some helpful tips to keep your stall or enclosure looking great for years. If you live in […]

Microfiber flat mop system for all hard surface flooring types

Simple, effective, inexpensive and EASY! Sweep or dust the floor with a broom or a microfiber dust mop prior to wet cleaning. Use one 18” blue Microfiber flat mop head for every 100 square feet of hard surface flooring that you will be cleaning. Fill a bucket or sink with a gallon of warm water […]

Removing coffee and tea spills from carpet and textiles

Removing coffee and tea spills from carpet and textiles can vary in success based on a number of factors as explained below. When you consider that both coffee and tea are used in the Middle East to dye wool rugs, it’s understandable that complete removal from natural fibers can take considerable efforts. Depending on the […]

Dander and allergens in your home..

According to Wikipedia; Dander is material shed from the body of humans and other animals that have fur, hair, or feathers. The term is similar to dandruff, when an excess of flakes becomes visible. Skin flakes that come off the main body of an animal are dander, while the flakes of skin called dandruff come […]

Caulking taken to another level…

We offer customer color matched “speckled” RTV 100% Silicone for synthetic counter tops to create a seamless and long lasting appearance

Part of the story behind Connoisseur..

    Mike Pailliotet transformed his professional career from working in a vegan restaurant to operating a successful carpet cleaning company, but along the way created some interesting and impactful programs for the industry.   Here is his story.

a good example of what pet urine really does to your home…

What you see on the surface can be just the tip of the iceberg…. Attempting to remove the urine or “just” deodorize it is pointless. Connoisseur is one of very few carpet cleaning companies who wont lie to you and claim that their magic enzymes or sub surface extraction tools will fix problems like this. […]

Not SO Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring

CONSUMER ALERT! Considering Luxury Vinyl Plank for your next flooring project? Do yourself a HUGE favor and test a plank or two before you purchase it by scraping it with a key or a screwdriver across the grain to see how durable it is. I clean a LOT of this stuff and today I ran […]

Is natural Slate a good choice for a shower stall?

Two pictures are worth one word…. NO!                                                                         If you love the look of slate, please consider using a Porcelain look-a-like […]

A near perfect “caulking” repair

We removed moldy, damaged silicone and replaced it with permanent, mold proof, low maintenance, Epoxy Based Grout for an incredible improvement..    

Connoisseur offers a variety of tile, stone, grout and caulking repairs

No other service company in the Gardnerville, Minden, Carson City Nevada and the Santa Cruz, Aptos, Captiola and Scotts Valley California areas offer such an extensive list of services for tile, stone and grout repairs. Free on site estimates to survey your project, but we usually start with having the customer send a few photos […]

Do Engineered Quartz Countertops Stain?

Do yourself a big favor and read this enlightening article before purchasing “Quartz” type countertops. We have had excellent luck and performance with ours but not all brands and varieties perform the same when it comes to stains and cleanability. Do Engineered Quartz Countertops Stain?  

Suffering from dust, dander, dust mites and other allergens?

Connoisseur has a service that is sure to help you get relief from headaches, swollen eyes, poor sleep and other symptoms related to what is hiding under and in your bed.. We start with a very thorough vacuuming of your carpet or flooring, baseboards and headboard to remove your or your pet’s dried, sloughed skin, […]

No Hanging Chads…

    The interesting fact about this year’s win, is NONE of us knew the contest was running so no hanging chads were to be found….    

From Reno to Lee Vining!

As a HUGE and passionate fan of the Eastern Sierra and all it’s tiny communities, it’s our honor and privilege to offer our award winning Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning and Tile and Stone Cleaning services to the following areas: Topaz Ranch Estates Wellington Smith Valley Markleeville Coleville Walker Bridgeport* Lee Vining* *minimum charges apply, get […]

It would be one thing if these guys had only performed the miracles…

Joanna Doubleday It would be one thing if these guys had only performed the miracles that they did on my carpets, but to couple that with INCREDIBLE, accommodating service deserves more than 5 stars. We, shamefully, hadn’t gotten our carpets professionally cleaned for 5 years. I had assumed that the carpets in our rental were […]

Vinyl Floor Cleaning…

  Our process for Vinyl Flooring, whether it be plank, tile or sheet is extremely effective at removing years worth of mop residue, cooking oils, pet residues and just plain “life”….

Connoisseur will be cleaning three RMHC’s in 2019

Connoisseur Cleaning’s owner, Mike Pailliotet organizes cleaners from around the country to come in and clean all the flooring, furnishings and counter tops at various Ronald McDonald Homes around the country. Las Vegas in January… Greenville SC in February   and three locations in Phoenix in November

The People Have Spoken

Gardnerville and Minden Nevada residents Vote Connoisseur Carpet, Tile & Upholstery Cleaning the Best of Carson for the 3rd time

Just doing our part….

Connoisseur Carpet Cleaning is honored to be able to take part in this massive “Giving Back” project.     Minneapolis Ronald McDonald House Recipient of Massive All-Day Cleaning Event Cleaning Professionals from Across the Country Donated Funds, Time and Materials to Clean 77,000 Square Foot Facility September 24, 2018; Minneapolis, MN – More than 100 […]

Granite Counter-top oil stain removal tips

I think the relatively simple tips in this video will work well most of the time. WARNING! Acetone is highly flammable, if you can not control flames, pilot lights, smokers or other sources you can substitute Dawn or Palmolive Dish washing detergent. Not quite as effective but MUCH safe.  

Education is key..

Connoisseur is proud to announce that now all 4 of our team members are now graduates of the Jim Pemberton’s  Fabric Pro Upholstery Specialist Course Javier and Stephen really enjoyed the 2 day class and are now loaded with with even more knowledge to handle the demands that we see on a daily basis when […]

Avoiding baseboard damage during your or our cleaning…

  One of the first things we look at when inspecting a tile cleaning project are the baseboards and their condition. Most all homes these days are being built with low cost “MDF” baseboards, Medium Density Fiberboard is popular due to low cost and ease of use but is plagued with a curse..   The bottom […]

Helping the Pine Nut Mountains Wild Horses..

Connoisseur’s Nevada location ran this fund raiser on Facebook for January and February 2018.         lll                             Little did I know that one of the home owners who took advantage of this special were owners of two adopted BLM […]

Custom Grout Repair is Our Specialty

With our unique Epoxy Fortified Grout system we can custom color match virtually any floor, counter or tub/shower install and provide a near perfect fix for cracks, holes or missing grout. The Ultimate Wet Area Repair! ​Fixes Shower Floors and Tub Showers Replaces Caulk, Silicone and Sealants Fights Mildew and Mold Damage Use Any Color […]

Our involvement with the Ronald McDonald Homes..

Our company is involved with the Ronald McDonald House organization by providing free cleanings of their floors and furnishings. St Petersburg Florida, Phoenix Arizona and Las Vegas Nevada are currently being helped and we’re currently looking into helping the Reno facility.We absolutely love helping out such a wonderful organization like the “RMHC”…  

The World’s Greatest Furniture Leg Felt Protector

Are you tired of those synthetic sticky felts that simply don’t work or don’t stay on? Well, with Flexi-Felt® you’ll never have that problem again. It’s literally impossible to remove these felts. The Flexi-Felt® Clear is covered by a lifetime felt warranty. We guarantee that the felt will never separate from the plastic sleeve. If […]

“What is the best vacuum cleaner?”

As a “vacuuming professional” I often get asked to recommend THE BEST vacuum. My stock answer is “The one you enjoy using the most”. That being said, I do like Shark brand a lot. Keep in mind that they (and Dyson) are like Bic lighters, once they break, you just buy a new one as […]

Connoisseur makes a mark in Las Vegas!

Santa Cruz and Carson Valley’s finest carpet and tile cleaner representing in Las Vegas at our industry’s largest trade show. My wife and I organized a live raffle that earned $20,000 to help the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s fight against cancer As well has help raise the educational bar for our industry nation wide. — […]

Connoisseur on The High Chapperal

A growing collection of fun photos of our new van in and around the Eastern Sierra     Down Town Bridgeport CA       Hwy 88 in Gardnerville                                     Sonora Pass             […]

Miracles provided at no extra charge.

Although we guarantee your satisfaction, we can not do the impossible nor can we undo the undone. Spots that are stains are just that and some odors must be eradicated at the source rather than at the victim. Call for more details, expect to be thrilled.      

No Photoshop used..

April 7th 2016 was a notable day for Connoisseur as we worked a couple of carpet cleaning miracles in both Santa Cruz and Carson City      

How To Remove Stains On Granite

Poultices A poultice is meant to reabsorb the stain from inside the stone out, into something more absorbent than the stone itself. It is composed by two components:  A chemical that will interact with the type of stain at hand An absorbing medium to reabsorb the stain out of the stone.  Absorbers There are lots […]

Connoisseur is now an ASID Industry Partner

As member of this great network Connoisseur will be better able to help our clients find fellow certified professionals for home furnishings design and care. The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) is a community of people — designers, industry representatives, educators and students — committed to interior design. Through education, knowledge sharing, advocacy, community […]

WOOLSAFE Approved Spot Cleaning Tips

Here are some great videos of WOOLSAFE approved emergency cleaning tips.   For our customers who have had FiberproTector applied to their wool rugs and carpets you’ll notice that spot cleaning will be even easier than in these videos. Most of the time simple blotting of the spill will be enough. Connoisseur is happy to […]

So cute, you just want to hug her..

“Hello, do you need your carpets clean? Well my dad cleans carpet, but wait his son cleans carpet too, Jonas Stockwell! Lets give him a round of applause! clap clap clap, Literally round! he he.. So call us today!  carpet clean, 270 293 2353, again 270 293 2353…”   That adorable girl belongs to a […]

Honored to help restore a 100 year old floor in Minden NV

Paula and I spent 12 solid hours at the old Douglas County Courthouse today. This 100 year old tile floor has been hiding under carpet for the past 20 years. We were hired to remove those glue residue and to steam clean the tile and grout.. There was a 1916 penny inserted into a tile […]


                              It was an honor to work with Leesa at her beautiful home in Los Gatos. All day projects like her’s really keep us on our toes.     Thank you Leesa!!  

A great place to buy microfiber mops and related products.

I’d like to share this great website with you. The Microfiber mop heads are very high quality and 1/4 of the price of hardware and janitorial stores I really like this mop head for cleaning honed or rough surface stone, wood and vinyl floors. The “scrub strips ” work wonders at dislodging soil.     […]

Now serving the Reno/Tahoe/Carson areas!

Connoisseur is proud to now offer our legendary great customer service and cleaning results in the Carson Valley, Lake Tahoe/Reno and surrounding areas     Services provided to Reno/Sparks, Carson Valley, Carson City, Minden, Gardnerville, Genoa, South Lake Tahoe, Stateline, Kingsbury, Virgina City, Dayton, Markleeville, Coleville, Walker and Bridgeport  -Residential and Commercial Carpet Cleaning -Upholstery Cleaning –Fine […]

We have your floors and walls protected!

 Lots of hoses and cords are an unfortunate and sometimes messy reality when it comes to getting your carpet cleaned.  Rest assured that our conscientious technicians at Connoisseur will do everything they can to protect your hard floors and walls from scratches, moisture, cleaning agents and shoes..  Along with our caring attitude, we bring a […]

Commercial Carpet and Maintenance Guide from Mohawk

        I wanted to share this guide for our commercial clients. Lots of great advice for cleaning frequencies, methods, interim care, spotting help and more                                   Click on guide to open          

Chinese Laminate Flooring Exceeding National Formaldehyde Levels

It appears that the laminate flooring this chain is selling emits a high level of formaldehyde, a known cancer causing chemical. The materials coming from Chinese manufacturing plants can be labeled as CARB compliant when they actually aren’t. 60 Minutes did a story on this and it’s the kind of thing people should be made […]

A group of us Carpet Cleaners pay back our biggest fans…

As some of you know I put on educational event for fellow carpet cleaners around the country. Last September we had a gathering in Las Vegas where I solicited a lot of great prizes from manufacturers and suppliers and sold tickets to benefit a local pet rescue.. I heard back from them this week and thought […]

Is it time to go wall to wall carpet shopping?

Voted Good Times Best Carpet Cleaning Service 5 Years in a Row

Those shopping for carpet should read the Carpet Guru Website before visiting any showroom. You will save time, frustration, and money. The Carpetguru has over 45 years experience in the carpet business, and is well known in the industry. This information is to be used as a carpet buyer’s guide only, and not to be reproduced for […]

How Granite Countertops are made.

I found this video informative and interesting as I’m sure anyone who owns a granite counter will as well..      Santa Cruz home owners who need their Granite counters, floors or showerstalls professionally cleaned or sealed, please give us a call.

and for those that really need a Canister vacuum..

I’m not a fan of Miele or Hoover canisters what so ever. Tiny and very expensive bags, poor suction  and a lack of agitation at the beater bar. Not too mention way over priced..   In my opinion you’re much better off with a Royal or Kirby for your wall to wall and area rugs […]

Our recommendations for a good vacuum cleaner…Simplified.

As you can imagine we get asked very often on what vacuum cleaner we recommend for our Santa Cruz home owners. We can talk for hours about all the attributes of all the available options but let our years and years of vacuuming  homes all day long make it real simple for you..   Our […]

Bona Wood Floor Cleaner, not such a great deal..

A very popular product recommended by many if not all the floor retailers in town..     Let me let you in on a somewhat better deal..    Lemon Clean from Coast Paper Supply in Santa Cruz Virtually the exact same product and usage, minus the advertising campaign.. It’s a very low cost, neutral pH […]

Reoccurring spots, a fact of life..

    Fact: A modern synthetic carpet is about as absorbent as a screen door. When a cup of coffee is spilled, a dog’s bladder is emptied or god forbid, an entire Big Gulp is spilled on a carpet 75% or more of the spill goes directly to through the carpet and into the (far more […]

Is it worth the risk to clean your upholstery cushion covers yourself?

    All to often we come across situations where upholstery owners take it upon themselves to try and remove spots or stains by removing the covers of cushions and pillows and running them through their washing machines. While there are a few synthetics that you may luck out on, the risk is very high […]

a fun but very dirty rug we cleaned recently..

To send this rug out to a plant cleaning facility would cost more than it was worth. We told them we would give it our best but not to expect much and that there would be no charge..     At Connoisseur, we love a challenge.

Yelp’s finest Santa Cruz companies working together..

Today we had the pleasure of working at Pleasure Point’s own Bella Notte Hotel. The owner of Bella Notte Inn was searching for a better Carpet Cleaner and took the advice from Tim Donoghue at Warehouse Direct Flooring to give us a try. After getting out a tough ugly grease stain from an otherwise BEAUTIFUL guest room […]

that darn Yelp filter..

  I  know why Yelp filters reviews but I really wish great ones like this would stay visible..   Margo C. Santa Cruz, CA 5.0 star rating 5/30/2014 Dave and Eli have, once again, done a stellar job on my carpet and this time upholstery as well. Connoisseur has been my carpet cleaner for several […]

Don’t ignore your toilet!

A regular customer of ours called over the holiday weekend claiming her tenant found a “small wet spot” on the carpet.. We showed up on Tuesday to investigate. From the looks of it, the toilet tank gasket has been leaking for over a month. The surrounding walls were soaked and that “one foot by six […]

Low water usage carpet cleaning methods

We here at Connoisseur Cleaning are a rare breed in the fact that we offer all popular methods of carpet cleaning. -Hot Water Extraction/”Steam Cleaning” – Rotary Shampoo -Encapsulation -Rotary Extraction -Bonnet Cleaning – Dual Cylindrical Low Moisture -Absorbent Compound and in many cases, a combination of two or more to get the best results.   With […]

Cotton door mats will save the world!

well maybe not THE world but at least your living room carpet. I was at CostPlus World Market recently and was impressed with their nice selection or small cotton rugs.     Most homes we visit have synthetic rugs/ doormats in their kitchen and entry areas. While cheap to buy, their absorbency and […]

In true Mom and Pop fashion..

It was back in 2001 “Mom and Pops” Mike and Paula started what would be Santa Cruz’s most popular carpet cleaning company. Thirteen years later Paula has moved on to run her own business, Yellow Barn Day Care and we now have our daughter taking care of Paula’s old duty’s. Handling the phones most of the […]

More great 5 star reviews on Yelp!

These guys do a fantastic job.  I had ink stains in one of the bedrooms which were completely removed.  There was a tea spill in the family room – gone!  The entire job was beautifully done.  In addition to that, the crew is extremely professional and pleasant to work with.  Best of all, when they […]

New study shows carpeting can be good for allergy sufferers.

In January 2014, a study was released in the United States that should put an end to any doubts cleaning professionals, carpet consumers in the residential environment, health care professionals, educational facilities, building owners,  and facility managers have about carpeting and indoor air quality. According to Dr. Bruce Mitchell, chairman/CEO of Airmid Healthgroup (which conducted […]

Help us make it five years in a row!

  We would like to ask our loyal customers to once again vote for us in the Best Carpet Cleaner category in the 2014 Good Times “Best Of” Poll   Place your votes here!       and thank you!!!

Have no fear..

I have a sofa with a suede fabric and I was babysitting and a little 6 year old spilled a whole bowl of cereal and milk on my sofa.  I tried wiping it with cold water and it dried hard.  I called several upholstery cleaners about cleaning 2 cushions on my microfiber sofa and no […]

The ol’ String Mop and Bucket, a Tile Cleaners best friend..

If a Labrador Retriever is a Carpet Cleaners best friend (nothing soils up a carpet faster than the oily coat of a Water Dog) then the old fashion method of cleaning tile, stone and concrete floors with a cotton string mop and a bucket of suds is truly a god send for professional hard surface […]

Rug Doctor…yay or nay?

Yay! for producing this great commercial… Nay! for the horrendous detergent residues left behind if you follow their directions…

Stone floor cleaning in Santa Cruz Ca

Please take a few seconds to watch us work our magic on this well loved Travertine floor in Aptos CA. Identify Sweep Protect surroundings Apply cleaning agent Let dwell Agitate Steam Clean contained rinse Detail edges and corners Power dry with 360º fans Apply penetrative sealer Buff when necessary. -optional polish or homing available.  

New addition to the Connoisseur fleet.

Our legendary Vortex “Big Truck” stands out so much as we drive around Santa Cruz that I often hear from customers how they see “all your trucks around town”.. When in reality we just have the one big cab over truck along with a small cargo van. Well things have been so busy around here […]

Proud father…

I had my carpet cleaned a few weeks ago. I believe the owner’s son was the one that did it. Super nice young man and since I opted to stay home, he explained things to be that I have never known. I had some nasty stains that were here from the previous owner and they […]

We’ve been busy as Bees around here..

I wanted to take a moment and thank all our past, present and future loyal Santa Cruz clientele for beeing so patient with getting your appointments to get your tile, carpet or upholstery cleaned this summer. We have been extremely busy, beesier than ever actually, I’ve never seen it quite so in 25 years in […]

More great reviews from our Yelp! filter basket..

These are new reviews from Yelpers that don’t use the site enough for their opinions to “stick”…     “Wow Davis and Eli did such an awesome job! I had tile and grout which, now look brand new!  Such nice young men, arrived early, respectful and quick!  Most definitely will  use again, and be my […]

Santa Cruz Warriors Basketball pick Connoisseur to clean the court!

We were honored to be chosen to clean the “new” wood court for our local D league Basketball team. The development team for the Golden State Warriors are actually using a 20+ year old floor that has been refurbished with new water base/Green polyurethane.  After just one season  the floor was getting dirtier than the […]

Need some recommendations for services in Santa Cruz?

Connoisseur belongs to the local chapter of LeTip which is a referral group of the finest dedicated businesses in town. We meet weekly to discuss and share the latest happenings within our many and varied group. I can strongly recommend each of the following individuals with the highest level of confidence that they will meet or […]

Countertop Steam Cleaning

Santa Cruz county is just loaded with 1970’s tile counters. We service close to 1000 homes a year and all too often we see a situation like in the photos below where the homeowner has let the food and grim level build up in the grout line to the point of being a serious health […]

New world record for a carpet sold at auction

June 5, 2013 /   The keenly anticipated sale of Important Carpets from the William A. Clark Collection, deaccessioned by the Corcoran Gallery of Art took place today at Sotheby’s New York. The 25-lot auction totalled $44m for the Washington DC museum. The undoubted highlight of the sale was the new world record price for a carpet sold at […]

Some simple dos and don’ts for wool carpet owners..

Do not use “Oxy” or Chlorox/Chlorine bleach based cleaning agents on wool carpet, no matter how white you think the wool is. Doing so will always take what liitle die was applied to the fiber and leave you with something like this.. Second tip;  If you really must clean your hand tied and died knotted wool rug in the home, rather than sending it to a […]

Stove Revival in Santa Cruz

We had two fun jobs this week that I thought I’d post some pictures of.. This is a real nice floor made from Quartzite, a form of Sandstone, that the homeowners are having a real “hard” time keeping clean. Any form of traditional mopping only makes it works. A Hoover Floormate would be their best answer to maintenance cleaning. […]

As seen on TV!

These Scotts Valley home owners where fed up with their own not so professional attempts to get their beautiful tile floor cleaned. They had all the “as seen on TV” gadgets, all the industrial power shazamwow cleaners from every tile and hardware stone in town and all too many weekends wasted trying to do it themselves..   […]

Stone polishing in Santa Cruz county.

Connoisseur is proud to offer polishing and restoration of natural stone to all of Santa Cruz county. Dull, scratched, etch or just plain worn, Marble, Travertine, Limestone or Granite surfaces can be very frustrating. There is virtually nothing that Santa Cruz home owners can do to restore the shine themselves and with no local service […]

FILTRATION SOILING (dirty black edges on your carpet…)

(Those ugly black lines around the baseboards and under doorways) If you have light colored carpet, you may have experienced dark stains around baseboards, under doors, and especially near the HVAC return. This soiling comes from air passing through the carpet as it is attempting to go through the edge of the carpet pile, microscopic […]

Tips to maintain a happy and healthy vacuum cleaner

As one of the few carpet cleaning companies in town that insist on pre-vacuuming your carpet before applying cleaning agents we are often asked to inspect the condition of the home owners vacuum cleaner and all too often we see signs of serious neglect. I thought I’d post this up to help people learn the basics of regular vacuum cleaner maintenance. Lets start with Filters.. All […]

Textured Tile, love it or hate it..

You may love it’s slip resistance and how your guests (and pesky mother in law) will think you have “real” natural (and more expensive) stone and you’ll certainly love how you cant stain or etch it but….. You will absolutely HATE how hard it is to keep clean. Look at all these pits and pours.. Dirt, mop water, spilled […]

Nail polish spill on your Carpet? Don’t panic and DON’T touch it!!

This Santa Cruz home owner did the right thing when her daughter fumbled a bottle of nail polish all over her white nylon carpeting, she left it alone and called Connoisseur to the rescue! With our Rotary Extractor, some industrial strength “nail polish remover” and a special gel based solvent we were able to save the carpet in about an hour. If you […]

Saltillo Floor Refinished

  Here are some photos taken of a recent Saltillo floor we stripped and resealed in Aptos.       Removing the topical finish of this type of floor is VERY time consuming and messy. As the finished starts to break down, red mud develops and can splash the walls. In this case we had a unfinished kitchen to work with so the […]

Another warning about non slip rug backings

We were recently called out to inspect a new wood floor in a really nice seaside home in Santa Cruz Ca. The situation had the home owner laying a new Sisal Fiber rug over a freshly installed wood floor. The off gassing from the new floor finish reacted with the built in rubber, non skid […]

Do you need your carpet, rugs or upholstery clean and dry in a hurry?

Aptos, Santa Cruz, Watsonville and Scotts Valley home owners already know how quick their carpet dries after our cleaning. But if you need your floors or furnishings 100% dry for an event or  incoming guests on the same day as your cleaning, we are more than happy to leave you with a Turbo Fan or […]

We love cleaning up after animals..

and the animals themselves for that mater..     My wife Paula and I spent Labor Day weekend at Vision Quest Ranch in Salinas. A real thrill with a nights stay in an African style tent cabin with visits from the a Honey Bear, a Great Horned Owl and Butch the Elephant..     We […]

Some advice on area rug pads

When a rug is on a hardwood or tile/stone floor, it is essential to have the right rug pad underneath. The floor may experience harm from rug scratches and furniture indentations and the dense pad will prevent this from happening. The best rug pads for hard floors are ones that are either a solid felt […]

Are you looking for a House Cleaner in Santa Cruz?

Cristi’s Green Cleaning has been referring us for some time now and it’s more than obvious that her clients love her and her workmanship. Please take a look at her website to learn more about this great local Santa Cruz house cleaning service.    

Some must have products for maintaining Showerstalls..

We restore a lot of stone and tile shower stalls here in Santa Cruz. Most are in pretty rough shape from years of neglect. Too many homeowners just don’t know which solutions are safe to use and so many products fail to deliver results or worse, damage the stone or grout surfaces.  Soap scum, mold, […]

Hey Mike, what do you recommend we clean our wood and tile floors with?

  Here is out time proven recommendation on how to best maintain your tile, stone, vinyl and wood floors Using this system you’ll never smear dirty mop water around or leave a soil attracting film behind.  First you’ll need to pick up a gallon of a Neutral pH No Rinse Floor Cleaner such as Lemon Clean. It’s […]

Keep Your Carpet Clean – What You Can Do.

  Carpets are commonly bought to add aesthetic appeal to a room. It beautifies an area, creating a focal point and enhances furniture and other decorations. To adults carpets are more of a decor, but to kids and pets carpets are more of fun furniture that’s ready for rough playing and crawling. And who can […]

Some staff changes at Connoisseur

Our employee of the last 6 years, Oswaldo “Oz” lee as moved to Long Beach to pursue other interests. Oz developed a nice fan following by many of our customers over the years and I’m sure they’ll miss him and his hard work and big smile. Taking over his position will be my son, Davis […]

Travertine cleaning and sealing

Most Santa Cruz home owners will tell you that living on a Travertine floor is much like living on white carpet. This soft porous stone absorbs every days soils both dry and wet much like a Berber/loop does, everything sticks to the surface and stares at you right in the eye. and mopping just makes […]

If the Tile Setter goofs, let us fix it, cheap…

This home owner wanted the grout around her pebble mosaic to go with her new granite slab fire place.. As you can see the wrong color was used and the contrast was way to strong.. So we Color corrected the grout with out removing it with a durable acrylic/concrete based color seal in Kahlua Cream.. […]

Pottery Barn rugs to run from…

Here is a great article from a friend of mine on the subject of bargain rugs.. click to read article   I like my customers to know what they are getting when buying loose rugs for their homes. Please read this and pass it around to your friends and family who also have an interest […]

Restaurant Impossible chooses Connoisseur to work on Hoffmans

Over 50 carpet cleaning companies in Santa Cruz and Connoisseur was the 1st pick to clean the carpet when the popular TV show came to town to do a renovation at Hoffmans restaurant.     SANTA CRUZ — There is no typical shoot for the Food Network program “Restaurant Impossible.” Each struggling restaurant the program […]

How durable is your stone sealer?

If you want the very best in protection for your stone floors, counter tops, patios or shower stalls then look no further than Dry Treat brand sealers. Why seal? Building materials such as natural stone, tile, masonry, concrete and grout are all made up of countless invisible capillary pores. This makes them porous and allows […]

Carpet cleaning in different local zip codes

Excuse us while we do some house keeping Connoisseur cleans carpet, upholstery, area rugs, wool rugs, tile, grout and stone in the following santa cruz county zip codes: 95060, 95061, 95062, 95063, 95064, 95065, 95066, 95067, 95003, 95077, 95004, 95006, 95010, 95007, 95017, 95018

Etch Marks — Those Aren’t Water Stains!

  Etching on marble, limestone, travertine and all the calcium based stone is the result of a chemical reaction that occurs when acid comes in contact with a surface. Etch marks on stone surfaces resemble water spots or worn polish.   Seemingly innocent items like tooth paste, mouthwash, orange juice, coffee, vinegar, wine, perfumes, tomato […]

Are you interested in hand made rugs as an art form?

Than you’ll want to spend some time checking out this website   The true beauty of Persian Rugs derives from the people who weave Persian Rugs. When we talk about the Persian or Iranian people we are not speaking of one broad ethnic group we are talking about many. While most Persians are Indo European […]

Pet Accidents Happen. Now What?

Pet activity may happen on your favorite rugs this summer. Guests in the home, or you away from home, restless pets can end up doing things they should not. With an inexpensive tufted rug, this can be a blessing because it is protecting a much more valuable wood floor underneath it. With an oriental rug […]

Are you looking for a child care provider in the Santa Cruz Area?

Than please look into my wife Paula’s wonderful service for your children..   Our Santa Cruz daycare facility is clean and well kept. The yard and home are large so the children do not feel cramped.  Our focus is primarily on safety and love, and then to keep a balance between fun, education, and […]

Down on the Boardwalk..

Cleaned a fun one down at the Boardwalk last week. Way down…! Actually it was the command center carpet which is deep in the subterranean caverns of our beloved Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. No steam cleaning could be done here as the rooms needing carpet cleaning were down many long hallways and only elevator access […]

Keeping Santa Cruz weird…

After winning Best Carpet Cleaner for the 3rd time we thought we should place a “thank you readers” ad in the Good times this year. I had this old photo laying around that an old friend made up for me when we first got our Vortex truck. I had shown him some wedding photos that […]

It really is a small world!

So my wife and I are coming out of a Snorkel Shop on Oahu’s North Shore this last week when a man walks by me and does a double take..   “Hey aren’t you from Santa Cruz?, you’re our carpet guy.. By the way did you see the nice article about you in the Sentinel […]

Good Times readers choose us as best carpet cleaner in Santa Cruz, again!!

Two years in a row now! Feels pretty darn good considering not a single vote was solicited. With over 6000 voters taking part in the online poll this year, it’s nice to know we came out on top over some steep competition. Santa Cruz has it’s share of very good carpet and tile cleaners so […]

Nick nick nick na nick na nick nick, Nickelodian!

The “Nick” theater here in Santa Cruz called us recently about their stained grout situation in their lobby. Just six months old and already permanently stained. That is what happens when the grout (very porous!) does not get sealed after instillation. Staining from drink spills, mud and dirty mop water and the like will darken […]

I’d like to recommend a really cool service..

Farm Fresh To You offers a variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables from our farm and create several home delivery and office delivery service options for you to choose from. Our Regular Service is our most popular home delivery for those who have some time to cook and Mostly Fruit Service is great for those […]

Dealing with Skunk odor on your Dog.

Has your dog been sprayed by a skunk? Even if not, all dog owners should know how to handle it – just in case. You may have heard of skunk odor remedies like tomato juice or vinegar, but they really just cover up the odor. Skunk spray is very oily and contains sulfur (hence the […]

Facts about water damaged carpet

When damaged carpets lay submerged in water over any length of time woven fibers detach from polyurethane backing leaving no other alternative except replacement. But not all water damaged carpet is so severe. Many instances only small amounts of clean water spill so cleaning, drying and sanitizing are the only requirements for carpet restoration. Knowing […]

The newest home use vacuum to tickle our fancies..

I just got my wife this New Shark upright and boy is she thrilled. Shark Navigator Web Site While the original Navigator is still fantastic the new Navigator “Lift Away” takes it up a few notches for hard floor owners.. We got ours and Bed, Bath and Beyond in Santa Cruz for $135 with the […]

Clean your own grout..

If you have the time, knees, good lower back and plenty of patience, yes you can get your dirty grout clean-er.. DIY Grout Cleaning Video or if you have a better things to do, just call Santa Cruz ‘s favorite Professional Tile, Stone and Grout cleaner to take care of your cleaning project in a […]

A little help in picking out a new area rug.

Lots of folks I talk to just have no clue on how to go about picking out a area rug for their home. I thought give some nice simple advice to take away some of the confusion you’ll run into while out shopping. Lets break the choices into three categories. Synthetic machine made rugs Wool […]

Hard Water staining on your shower doors?

We can help. At some point hard water deposits and soap scum will etch and cause permanent damage to your Shower Stall glass (and tile and fixtures) but if you’re in the Santa Cruz area we’d be glad to come by and run a free test to see if we can restore your glass. A […]

A Facebook excerpt..

Well. You see. It’s like this. I’m in a LeTip group and every week someone has to talk about their business. Mike is a highly paid, well-known professional carpet cleaner (and furniture, etc. etc.). Anyway. He’s usually a jokester. But yesterday he took it seriously and gave us an honest-to-goodness lecture on what you want […]

More great reviews from Yelpers

Yelp continues to be one of our greatest sources of quality seeking new clients. Not a day goes by at Connoisseur where we dont hear the word YELP! Thank you Yelpers for reviewing us into the number one Carpet, Upholstery, Tile and Grout cleaning company for all of Santa Cruz County!

Our latest addition to the family…

Meet  “Hula” our female Olde English Bulldogge puppy. 8 weeks old and loaded with personality and heart breaking charm and good looks. Our five year old boy Diesel hasn’t quite grasped what it all means.. Seeing how he is “intact” it wont take long for him to show us his gratitude..

Some advice for picking out new wall to wall carpet.

I am asked almost weekly to help with the bewilderment of picking out a new carpet. So many choices in fiber types leave the average home owner very confused.. Hope this helps.  EDIT: As of 8/2012 we here at Connoisseur now recommend SmartStrand carpet as the best over all performer and value in wall to wall […]

Tired of dealing with Soap Scum in your shower stall?

Then its time to switch over to Glycerin Bar Soap! Regular white bar soap is the number one offender and contributor to soap scum build up in tile and natural stone shower stalls and tub enclosures. The animal fats used in manufacturing white bar soap also contributes to mold growth in the cracks and cervices […]

Santa Cruz County/Good Times readers have spoken!

270+ voters have spoken! For Carpet Cleaning in Santa Cruz County you just can’t go wrong with Connoisseur! They got the Bio Fuel percentage wrong though.. We use the B5 fuel available at USA Gas at the corner of 7th and Soquel

Two great choices in upright Vacuum cleaners.

Around our home we love the Sebo X4 upright. It’s a beautifully German engineered piece of equipment. Built to last forever, extremely well filtered (S class), very easy to use and goes from hard floor to carpet with no manual adjustments. An active on board computer assure that the brush roll is always at the […]

Yelpers Love Us!

Yelp is the hottest  national business review site on the web today. Umpteen thousands of home owners are searching out service companies, restaurants, night clubs, hair saloons and everything else under the sun that get positive comments left from users like you and me. Some of our reviews.. We promise you can trust your neighbors […]

Microfiber / Ultra Suede upholstery cleaning.

Combining the aesthetics of the finest suede with advanced performance specifications, Ultrasuede® is the world’s most exclusive ultra-microfiber fabric. It is engineered to provide ultimate luxury over a wide range of applications. From fashion to furnishings, aircraft cabins to yacht interiors, casual footwear to industrial hardware, the most demanding designers insist on Ultrasuede® for their […]

Thanks for looking at our site, here is your reward!!

I still have to wonder if anyone actually reads carpet cleaning blogs.. I posted this last year and only a few found the coupon.. Lets try again, $25 off any of our on location services. Minimum charge for your area applies. Not to be combined with other discounts. Simply print out this: And then call […]

Don’t let your restaurant carpet go to the cats..

This popular fish house has us out 4 times a year to keep their restaurant looking and smelling fresh and healthy.. We  regularly clean carpet at a variety of popular Santa Cruz restaurants. Assuming we can come out during day light hours, we would love to clean yours too.

Enviromentally Safe and Green as can be Carpet Cleaning

Paula and I have been die hard vegetarians since our early teens and have  lived the “green” lifestyle way before it ever became fashionable. We choose to run our business the same way we live. As toxin free as possible and choose our products based on the least offensive odors and with no potentially irritating […]

Let us make your grout better than new!

Connoisseur uses a 4-step process to revitalize your floor surfaces. This process not only restores your floors to their original beauty, but with its fungicides, bactericides and mildicides built into the Grout Perfect Color Seal formulation it insures sanitation for many years. 1.A non-toxic neutral cleaning solution is applied to the grout lines and worked into […]

Don’t let a naughty dog or cat ruin your day..

All pets will make a mistake now and then. Isolated “puddles” are a cinch to clean up with our Water Claw sub surface extractor. If the accident just occurred please refer to our spot cleaning guide @ Then give us a call if you feel like you did not get it all out. If […]

Which cleaning method is best?

the real answer is, all of them.. Don’t buy into the “our method is best” advertising you’ll find all over the Internet and Yellow Pages. Comparison of Carpet Cleaning Methods There are four basic methods for cleaning carpet: * Carpet Shampooing * Dry Powder Method * Bonnet Cleaning * “Hot Water Extraction/Steam Carpet Shampoo Method […]

The latest greatest miracle carpet fiber or not?

Life Happens Think Smart… Smartstrand made with Dupont Sorona polymer represents a break through in fiber technology.Dupont’s propietary sorona polymer has engineered stain protection that will never wash off or wear off. The fiber’s outstanding resiliency and durability make it a natural choice for busy households.When life happens, think smart. Think Smartstrand. Well that’s what […]

Fun affordable Jewlery from one of our customers

We recently had the pleasure of cleaning April Martins Jewelry Studio and home. We were very impressed with her artwork and attitude.. If we vacuumed up some of your earrings or pendants during your last cleaning we encourage you to look for replacements at @ and I think she was pretty darned impressed with […]

Searching for a new rug?

Please check out one of our good customer’s offerings at Cindy has impeccable taste and a real eye for modern and classic design. Please give her a call if you need help picking out the right piece for your home.

How to Keep Your Hand Tied Rug Looking Great for Years to Come

The exquisite beauty of the handmade carpet make it one of the world’s treasures. If properly cared for, your rug can last for generations and be an endless source of pleasure in your home. Here are a few basics to ensure your rug is afforded the best protection: Have Your Rug Professionally Cleaned In Santa […]

Imagine wearing the same pair of Levis for 10 years?

You’d be amazed at just how much upholstery in the United States spends it’s whole life with out a good bath. Studies show that less than 10% ever gets a professional cleaning in it’s life time. Just imagine wearing the same pair of pants or a shirt for years and years and not ever washing […]

A Homeowner’s best friend!

If you own any sort of hard floors that is. Tile, Stone, Wood, Vinyl, Concrete, Laminates.. Any and all hard floor surfaces will come and stay cleaner with this fine little machine. Wash, vacuum and dry all non-carpeted hard surfaces with the Hoover FloorMate . Seven scrubbing brushes cover a 15-inch cleaning path, and the […]

Yes we clean under beds..

Sure we can clean under your beds. Mom only knows just how much dander, pet hair, dust, lint, feathers and what not reside under the very piece of furniture that you spend up to 8 hours a day in. Chances are you have a heat register or air vent either nearby or directly under that […]

Our current reviews off

4/27/2009 Erica H, Aptos I had my couches and area rugs cleaned shortly after I moved in to my new home in November. They have this super high powered hot water suction thingy that is pretty awesome to watch, it’s hooked up to the truck and man it’s powerful! The owner was really nice and […]

The wonders of Hydrogen Peroxide

As carpet, stone, upholstery and rug cleaners we use on average a half gallon of both liquid and powdered Hydrogen Peroxide each and every day. We use it in various dilutions to deodorize your carpets, make coffee, urine and other organic stains disappear, get rid of stubborn water stains off your upholstery  and leave your […]

Our new free Customer Spotter is now “Eco Friendly”

Biodegradable, Green, Natural, Eco Conscience, Earth Friendly, Non Toxic, what ever you want to call this great spotter, it just plain works! and if your cat licks it she’ll only get fresh breath instead of growing a second tail like those over the counter products have been known to cause…

The three most important things to look for in a man…

One. He must love and own a dog. Two He must love and own a few Neil Young albums.. Third. He must love and own up to cleaning up after ol’ King at least once a year. (476 9721 for the friendliest dog loving carpet cleaners this side of La Honda)

No Grout job too large…

If your hallway bath or condo kitchen floor just seems too small a job for us, how about 6000 feet of mismatched grout in your auto show room? The tile setters goofed and used at least 4 shades of white on this floor.  None of which looked very good. The owner of this Santa Cruz […]

Let your stone show it’s true colors.

Natural Slate, Flagstone, Travertine, some Limestone and some Marble all have “hidden” deep color that need man made help or more specifically, us at Connoisseur to help bring out.. Enhancing penetrative sealers provide protection against oil and water based soils, dirt, grime, mold as well as providing a wet look but with out the shine. […]

Just a reminder of the areas we cover

We gladly provide our top notch carpet cleaning, tile stone and grout restoration and oriental rug cleaning services to all of Santa Cruz county. Including the Summit area, all of Hwy 9, down south to Aromas and Corralitos and as far north as Swanton Rd/Davenport area. We also travel to Los Gatos, Saratoga, San Jose […]

Education—Is It Worth The Money?

Cleaning has historically been viewed as a commodity—a menial task that anyone can do. Long before sophisticated textiles and complex built indoor environments were created, cleaning may have been a simple, easy task, but that is no longer the case. Complex flooring systems, sensitive fabrics, and new age soiling conditions have created a need for […]


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Renters got you down?

As any landlord can attest, college kids and surf rats just dont appreciate a clean carpet. They do their best to destroy YOUR carpet before you have to evict them. While we don’t clean short term rentals on the daily basis that some Santa Cruz carpet cleaners do, when we come across them, we are […]

No Rug too big!

If your wool or synthetic area rug is too large to bring in for cleaning then let us clean it at your home or business location anywhere in Santa Cruz, Santa Clara. San Mateo or Monterrey counties Here is a 40+ year old wool rug that sits on the 5th floor of the UCSF Medical […]

Stone and Tile cleaning essentials.

Cleaning Procedures & Recommendations General Cleaning Clean stone surfaces with a neutral cleaner designated safe for natural stone. Use a clean mop on floors and a soft cloth for other surfaces for best results. Don’t use more than the recommended amount of any cleaning product. Too much may leave a film, causing streaks. Change rinse […]

No, we don’t do windows!

But we do rejuvenate a mean shower stall! Deep cleaning, mold removal, re-grouting, stain removal, removal and replacement of caulk, grout or silicone and long lasting penetrative sealers. Natural Stone, Ceramic or Porcelain, you name it, we can clean it. Before- After- Before- After-

Do you want “Perfect” grout?

I just can’t get over how well our Color Sealing process works. This first picture is after a two step cleaning process using both alkaline and acidic cleaning agents. Sometimes light colored grout shows stains and other than removing the grout and replacing with new, color sealing is the only logical, effective and long lasting […]

RIP Millie

We lost one of our best customers recently.. Millie was getting on in years and like most old dogs, they create reasons for us carpet cleaners to come visit them and their owners pretty often. In Millie’s case (and her best friend, Abbey the Greyhound) those visits got to be so often that financially it […]

What do these flooring retailers have in common?

San Lorenzo Floors/Abbey Carpet -Scotts Valley & Aptos Floors Etc-Soquel Mission Floors -Santa Cruz Warehouse Direct Flooring Outlet- Santa Cruz Rainbow Carpet -Santa Cruz Santa Cruz Tile and Stone Tile and Marble Outlet-Santa Cruz They all have so much confidence in our ability to treat you and your floors so well that we are the […]

You Can Keep Your Home Free of Pet Odors

Pets are a source of companionship and joy for millions of us. Understand how to help your pets stay healthy,clean and happy and your home will be fresher for it. There are two pet-related problems that can affect the freshness of your home and its furnishings. These are pet accidents, both urine and feces, and […]

Caring for your Oriental Rugs.

Oriental Rugs are not only a work of art but also an investment, and with proper care, can last for generations. Oriental rugs are generally made of wool. They are more durable, resilient and stay cleaner than rugs made from other fibers. By following these simple suggestions your Oriental rug will provide you with many […]

Professional Carpet Cleaning – How often is normal?

We are often asked, “How often shouldI have my carpets cleaned?” The truth is, there is no particular schedule. Cleaning frequency really depends on the type of traffic you have on your carpet and how you maintain it. Some people can get by with professional cleanings every couple of years, while others need their carpets […]

Is Your Home Making Your Family Sick?

Most people are aware that outdoor air pollution can damage their health, but may not know that indoor air pollution can also have significant effects. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) studies of human exposure to air pollutants indicate that indoor air levels of many pollutants may be 2-5 times, and on occasion more than 100 […]

Leary of Color Sealing?

I dont blame you. I’ve seen the same botched jobs you have. Those silly Grout pens from QVC that looks like you used White Out or tooth paste to hide the stains. Lumpy, uneven results that look horrible. I blame the poor quality products from the hardware store, lack of proper prep work and no […]

Color Seal concerns??

I get calls from many dirty grout owners who have heard of Color Sealing and are a bit apprehensive about it. Usually its because they have seen a do it your self job with the low budget products form the hardware store or a rush job done by a company with little to no experience […]

Why Think Local? Buying from locally owned and independent businesses benefits the local economy Locally owned businesses spend their profits locally, purchase more goods from local suppliers, and employ their own office and support staff. When more money gets re-circulated in the community, general prosperity as well as tax revenues increase, creating a more vibrant and sustainable […]

Need to get out of Santa Cruz?

As beautiful as our area is, sometimes its good for the mind, body and soul to just get the heck out of town for a day or week end. My favorite spot in California, at least on this side of the Sierras is the Tomalas Bay area. Marine country plays host to this luscious rolling […]

Stone Showerstall upkeep.

Natural stone such as tumbled Marble or Travertine is a very popular Shower and Bathtub wall covering here in Santa Cruz County  This is somewhat surprising when you consider that it can be one of the most difficult materials to take care of in a Bathroom.  Most natural stone of these types is quite porous […]

What makes a Carpet Cleaning company “Green”?

With every business under our sun declaring themselves Green these days you have to wonder whats it really all about? For some its merely the fact that they have a paperless office and they recycle their coke bottles, for others it means that they ride their bikes to work and they smoke organic cigarettes.. For […]

The Power Of Peroxide!

This inexpensive liquid in the brown bottle can save you plenty of $$$. Oxygen is the most abundant element on earth, comprising 45.6% of the earth’s crust and 20.95% of dry air, and is one of the most vital elements to support life for plants, animals and man. Hydrogen peroxide has been sold in drug […]

Trader Joe’s Cleanliness is Next to Godliness Multi-Purpose Cleaner

I have lots of home owners asking me what they should use to clean their Granite counter tops with. There are lots of good safe neutral pH products out there but none are as easy to find as Trader Joe’s Cleanliness is Next to Godliness Multi-Purpose Cleaner. I think everyone in Santa Cruz must shop […]

We give to the ASPCA with pleasure…

Our pet owning customers keep us in business in more ways then one. If its not a over abundance of hair and dander, its a accumulation of midnight accents from the last year. Whether you have 5 Newfoundlands, 14 Tom cats or just one ornery Ferret, please give Connoisseur a call to see what our […]

If you own a popular restuarant…

Chances are you’ll need your carpet cleaned every two months or so. Heavy foot traffic, soiled kitchen floors, spilled drinks and food, driveway oils and the occasional upside down cake, all lead to unappetizing situations for your hungry diners. Give Connoisseur a call so we can discus what the best cleaning frequency and methods would […]

Need a good cheap vacuum for your home or office?

I cant say enough about the Bissell Momentum upright. $99 at home depot, better suction then the infamous Dyson, no bags to buy and all the extra tools you’ll ever need.  And best yet, no internal filters to clog. The popularity of bagless vacuums can be over hyped when uneducated home owners bring home their […]

Are you looking for a great Tile Setter?

If you’re in the need for a new shower stall, kitchen floor or tile counter top you will not find a better tile craftsman the Aptos’ own Joshua McAuley, Josh is not only a friend of mine but a humble, hard working, very creative professional tile setter. I’ve seen his installs and you can be […]

Thinking about new Counter Tops?

I would encourage you to take a drive over to Greenspace in Santa Cruz to look at their very unique options available. While we would love to clean and maintain your Granite and Tile counter tops in the future, you really should look into the great “green” products that the fine folks @ Greenspace has […]


How To Avoid & Solve Them Marble, granite, limestone and other decorative stone are durable materials that will last a lifetime.   However, if not installed correctly, or properly cared for, will experience problems that will shorten its life. The following are the top ten problems most common in dealing with stone tile. 1.   […]

Fuzzy homes in Santa Cruz are getting “Harder” to find…

I don’t know about you all but as a professional floor cleaner I can tell you that Carpet as a flooring choice is not as popular as it was five years ago. Today, most of the homes I go into to service only have carpet in the family/TV room and the bed rooms. The rest […]

Are you looking for other trustworthy businesses in Santa Cruz?

As a local service provider I am often ( and I mean OFTEN! ) asked to refer other services in Santa Cruz We have been a part of a local group of small business owners since we started our business in 2001 and I can feel very comfortable referring each and every member in this […]

Something really cool I found on the web.

Hopefully you have Apple’s Quick Time media viewer on your PC. This is a satellite video of airplane flights of the United States in a 24 hour period. Fascinating to say the least.


Welcome to the Connoissuer Carpet, Upholstery, Tile, Stone  & Grout Cleaning Blog. YOU FOUND US!!! The best kept Tile & Grout Cleaning secret in Santa Cruz. A Brief History We’d like to introduce Mike and Paula Pailliotet of Connoisseur Tile & Grout Cleaning. Connoisseur is a quality minded company in the Santa Cruz area (Aptos, Capitola, […]