Are you looking for a child care provider in the Santa Cruz Area?

Than please look into my wife Paula’s wonderful service for your children..


Our Santa Cruz daycare facility is clean and well kept. The yard and home are large so the children do not feel cramped.  Our focus is primarily on safety and love, and then to keep a balance between fun, education, and moral awareness.  We always try to strike that balance.  I feel that it is important to be efficient, and also spontaneous. It is not unusual for any of us to break out in song and dance, or poem, at any given moment.

We love to spend time outdoors, being active, observing our pets, other animals, and nature.  We love to do arts and crafts, so we try to include projects for the age of the children attending. Singing, reading, and “pretend” are also really fun parts of our day. Equally important are food and hygiene.  As you can see, our days are busy, but you already know that, because you are most likely already parents.

Thank you for your interest and the opportunity to care for your child.  I hope this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship.