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The true beauty of Persian Rugs derives from the people who weave Persian Rugs. When we talk about the Persian or Iranian people we are not speaking of one broad ethnic group we are talking about many. While most Persians are Indo European a significant portion are Altaic/Turkic, Dravidian, Kartvelian/Georgian, and Afro-Asiatic. Currently the people of Iran speak 79 different languages and countless dialects.

Much like the United States people from many backgrounds come together and make one people. One must not try to argue that certain people are true Persians and some are Azeris or Arabs, the people of Iran are the Persian people no matter what their milk tongue. For instance the Persians who weave Tabriz Rugs are by and large the Southern Azeri speaking Persians who speak the Tabrizi dialect of Southern Azeri.