A group of us Carpet Cleaners pay back our biggest fans…

As some of you know I put on educational event for fellow carpet cleaners around the country. Last September we had a gathering in Las Vegas where I solicited a lot of great prizes from manufacturers and suppliers and sold tickets to benefit a local pet rescue..

I heard back from them this week and thought I’d share what they had to say..

Hello Mike,

Hope the new year finds you and your staff well! We are still talking about the wonderful time we had at the event, in our most vivid imagination we could not have asked for a more AWSOME time! The attendees were so much fun! It was indeed an honor to be at your event with such a compassionate and generous group. Their interest in Adopt A Rescue Pet, and how we help homeless dogs was so touching! I wish I could thank each one personally and explain what their donations meant to our group!

In the history of our group we have never had a more successful event! The final GRAND TOTAL was $7500!!! It was an exciting task to decide how to spend the money. First things first we were able to stock our food pantry, what many people do not understand is that we must buy many different types of foods to accommodate the special needs of some of our dogs who have allergies or medical issues, so not having to worry about providing the right type of food was a big relief. We used some of the money to catch up on our vet bills and also did some repairs at our Rescue Ranch.

Thank you,

Marleen Szalay

Director of Special Events and Fundraising

Adopt A Rescue Pet, Las Vegas, NV