A Facebook excerpt..

Well. You see. It’s like this.

I’m in a LeTip group and every week someone has to talk about their business. Mike is a highly paid, well-known professional carpet cleaner (and furniture, etc. etc.). Anyway. He’s usually a jokester. But yesterday he took it seriously and gave us an honest-to-goodness lecture on what you want in a vacuum cleaner, which ones he’s tested, which ones we need, and all the whys (which you know I love).

Now picture this. He’s a huge (6’5?) guy, full macho, bike rider, etc. He’s in front of a group of about 40 people. Showing us how to vacuum with a lilac colored vacuum. AND the 40 people who know him are LISTENING and NOT laughing. I, personally, was riveted. Looking back, I’m still laughing!

So here’s the scoop: Best one for us $157.99 + tax at CostCo. (Happens to be lilac so I’m having fun.) Shark Navigator.
Here’s the Mike-taught vacuuming technique (I can still picture him!):

Lower gripping brushes is NOT better. Lugs the motor, burns the belts, doesn’t let the brushes lift the dirt up.

Before washing carpets vacuum vacuum vacuum. He uses the Shark and can spend an hour on one room. Just keeps emptying out the dust and dirt. THEN washes although sometimes doesn’t need to!
Don’t hunt and peck! Forward fast cuz it doesn’t matter. The back REAL SLOOOOW because that’s how the brushes are designed to feed the dirt into the vacuum. This is a hard pattern for me to break — so I’ve been practicing all over the house today. :)
Lighter and quieter is not better. They have cut back the motor to lighten them so they don’t vacuum as well.
I could go on but I sense I’m boring you. Or you can’t read any more through your tears of laughter.
No matter. I am one happy camper and spreading the gospel to all.

Wait, I think I should do my bedroom again.
Gotta run,